Thursday, December 31, 2009

Canadian Baby Boomers Begin Retirement In 2010

from All Headline News
Staff - December 28, 2009

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (All Headline News) - Canada, like many western countries grappling with low population growth rates, faces a demographic challenge of finding workers to run its economy as Baby Boomers start to retire in 2010.

The start of a new decade means those born in 1945 or 1946 - the start of the Baby Boomer years - will turn 65 beginning 2010 and would face retirement from the labor force.

In Canada, the Urban Futures Institute estimates 425,000 Canadians will retire annually beginning next year.

Although the Baby Boomer retirees may stop full-time employment, some of them are reportedly expected to pursue their passion or start home-based enterprises, particularly Internet-based businesses since most of them are by now tech-savvy.

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