Friday, April 2, 2010

Plants Get Geeky! 10 Techy Tools and Concepts for Gardeners

by Jaymi Heimbuch, San Francisco, California

In these modern times, even such simple tasks as tending plants now have gadgety help. Some ideas for how technology can help us with our green thumbs are awesome, while others miss the mark. We're taking a look at 10 tools - from apps to devices to concepts - that aim to make communing with flora easier.

Plant Mate

Useful for designing a garden space, this concept solar power device gets plunked into your yard, where it can analyze the area - similar to the Easy Bloom. You can then use the information to create a garden where every plant is put in just the right spot according to its needs and the conditions. It can also provide maintenance data, letting you know when more water or fertilization is needed. Seems like something gardeners would love!


This gadget goes in the ground next to a plant you want to monitor. It pulls all sorts of data including soil conditions, lighting, moisture levels and so on. After 24 hours you can plug it in to your computer's USB port, access an analysis of the area, and it will then recommend ideal plants for that part of your garden or diagnose how your plant is thriving in that area, and get recommendations on how to make it happier.

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