Sunday, February 20, 2011

Quotes Of The Day: Critics Of Ontario's Cancellation Of Offshore Wind Speak Out

by Lloyd Alter, Toronto

When writing Ontario Cancels Offshore Wind Projects, Blames "Lack of Science", we noted that:

"Clean energy investors are shaking their heads. One I spoke with said that this will make it impossible to raise money for green energy projects; in such a climate of uncertainty, nobody will invest."

Now the Globe and Mail rounds up comments from people in the industry:

John Kourtouff of Trillium Power:
"This destroys Ontario's credibility globally," he said. "Nobody will touch Ontario for many years in renewables."

"I was surprised and somewhat shocked, because the government has steadfastly supported its Green Energy Act since its introduction," Mr. Keating [of BlueEarth Renewables] said. Now, there is "increased risk" that other changes might be made to the rules, he said. "It sends a bad signal."

"They are destroying the entire industry," Mr. Kourtoff said. "This isn't a moratorium, this is a St. Valentine's Day massacre of the offshore wind industry in Ontario."

More in the Globe and Mail

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