Thursday, June 30, 2011

BestLifeRewarded Is The New Approach To A Healthier Canada

TORONTO, June 29, 2011 /Canada NewsWire/ - BestLifeRewarded, the first consumer loyalty program to reward Canadians for maintaining healthy lifestyles, has launched today across the country.

Created by Cookson James Loyalty Inc., BestLifeRewarded has the support of many health organizations such as Dietitians of Canada, Canadian Obesity Network, Canadian Cardiovascular Society, Hypertension Canada, Canadian Digestive Health Foundation, Patients in Pain Association, Canadian Kinesiology Alliance and major pharmaceutical companies, in a coordinated effort to get Canada healthy.

"We are proud to launch BestLifeRewarded with so many national non-profit organizations," said Susanne Cookson, co-founder of Cookson James Loyalty. "They have partnered with us as major stakeholders in the health of Canadians."

Acting as a hub of credible health information, BestLifeRewarded coordinates information on conditions and healthy lifestyles with the added benefits of recognized consumer loyalty rewards. There is now an added incentive for Canadians to take charge of their personal health.

"We will reward Canadians for taking healthy steps to reduce their disease risk and improve their quality of life," said Cookson. "We are confident that extending the attractive loyalty programs for gas or airline purchases will prove very popular for something even more important, your personal health."

BestLifeRewarded will motivate Canadians for their efforts towards positive change in their health and lifestyle, versus just the change itself. Free of charge to join, members of BestLifeRewarded earn reward points for their healthy activities and can then redeem their earned rewards for health-related items such as fitness equipment, healthy food discounts, cookbooks, blood pressure monitors, gym memberships, and even golf equipment.

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