Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Online Party of Canada - A Call for Action

TORONTO, September 13, 2011 /Canada NewsWire/ - Canadians are quite literate politically and eager to express their opinions whenever they have a chance, in scientific or ad-hoc polls. Many newspapers, TV stations ask their audience to vote or comment on various topics. But what happens with the results? Sadly, the polls get archived and their results largely dismissed by our politicians.

Online Party of Canada (OPC) proposes a political system based on voting on issues instead of parties or individuals, voters can express their opinions and educate themselves on each issue that never expire, suggest new issues, vote and have their vote counted. This is the foundation of a new, truly democratic political system designed to empower the people by legally forcing the elected officials to respect voters' will.

Canada's current political system is broken, and here's why. As of May this year, we have a 'majority' Conservative government that was elected by only 24% of voters. The Government stance on many major issues is opposite to what the voters want and goes unchallenged despite public outcry and opinion polls. The government moved to eliminate political subsidies leaving the rich donors to decide who's in power. Many journalists haven't heard of Elections Canada's shady Advisory Committee of 19 political parties where one party can veto any improvements of the electoral process. The current political system has brought us election irregularities, the 'Americanization' of our military, outrageous spending, enormous national debt, unemployment, grave social problems and many other issues. With the opposition parties in total disarray and a surprisingly tame National media, Canadians have never been so misrepresented.

Let's change this political system we all loathe! OPC's 'Call for Action' invites all politically-inclined Canadians, regardless their political stripe to read, comment, vote on hundreds of issues posted on our website and share the issues via Social Networks. We have opened hundreds of new positions at Federal and Local levels in all Electoral Districts; sign-up to become an OPC Candidate or Local Party Officer!

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