Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Benefits of Hiring Mature Workers

Randstad Canada discusses the benefits of attracting, retaining and engaging mature workers.

TORONTO, November 22, 2011 /Canada NewsWire Telbec/ - Let's face facts: Many employers often hold the misconception that mature workers are too expensive, difficult to train, quick to retire, or prone to become ineffective as they age. And although workers over the age of 50 might not be as experienced with the latest apps as their younger colleagues, Randstad Canada says job applications from older candidates are worth considering.

Leandra Harris, Senior Executive Vice President of HR for Randstad Canada says companies need to ignore the stereotypes and consider the many benefits of hiring mature workers.

"Negative stereotypes about older workers remain deeply entrenched. These stereotypes include unwarranted assumptions that older workers are more costly, harder to train, less adaptable, less motivated, less flexible, more resistant to change and less energetic than younger employees," she said. "It's time to look beyond these negative age-based stereotypes."

According to Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, 10.9% of those aged 65 years or older had jobs in 2010. These "silver collar" employees are expected to continue to work either for their own enjoyment (the social interaction and stimulation of the workplace) or for economic reasons (they haven't saved enough for retirement and need to work).

Harris believes it's important for businesses to recognize the need to tap into this demographic to secure the supply of workers, especially during an expected worker shortage.
"Older workers are a resource we cannot afford to waste. Projected tight labor markets require us to better use our experienced mature workers. Many older workers have the skills companies are seeking. They are armed with experience, a strong work ethic and they can typically relate well with customers and identify their needs. They are also loyal and less likely to hop around from job to job," she says.

"Employers need to keep in mind that since many seniors won't have to work, they will be picky about where they choose to work," she says.
According to the results of a recent ICMA International survey sponsored by Randstad Canada, older generations say they are attracted to companies that are financially stable and indicate that the importance of comfort and strong values increases as they get older.

According to Harris,
"Companies would be well advised to seriously think about their future employment needs in order to be better positioned to seek out, hire and retain quality workers, including mature workers, who will help them compete in tomorrow's workplace."

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