Thursday, February 2, 2012

Money management help from your most trusted source. You.

WINNIPEG, February 1, 2012 /Canada NewsWire/ - Imagine, if given the chance, what your future self would tell you to do differently today - perhaps help you avoid blowing your savings on a winter sale, stop you from buying a new car when you really need an RRSP, or prevent you from putting money in a fraudulent investment. Too bad hindsight doesn't work that way. In response to the constant bombardment of advertisements trying to convince you to buy and spend more, The Manitoba Securities Commission (MSC) has developed Your Future Self, an interactive campaign and contest, which provides information and tips to help you plan financially for your future.

The campaign revolves around, a mock email inbox with a whole lot of messages from Your Future Self. "We want people to use to take ownership of their finances, make informed decisions, and do it in a fun, interactive way," says Don Murray, Chair of MSC. He believes that future financial goals are achieved by thinking about money management now, instead of putting off your decisions.

Ainsley Cunningham, Manager, Education and Communications with MSC, says the website isn't designed to give hard and fast financial rules, or to be punitive in any way for your spending habits. " is designed to encourage quick lessons, provide helpful links to resources and information, and provide clarity around certain financial topics. We've even included a contest to motivate folks to answer some basic financial questions." MSC is hoping to get people's attention, get them to start thinking about what their future self would say to the decisions they make today, and recognize the importance of looking at their finances.

To see the campaign in action and learn more about money management, check out

About The Manitoba Securities Commission

The Manitoba Securities Commission is a special operating agency of the Government of Manitoba that protects and informs investors through educational programming and promotes fair and efficient capital markets throughout the province.

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