Friday, May 14, 2010

Kug is a Travel Mug and Tea Kettle In One

by Jaymi Heimbuch, San Francisco, California

A couple designers figured they'd take two consumer favorites - coffee mugs and kettles - and combine them. Behold, the Kug, a mug that will boil your tea like a kettle. The design was inspired by arthritis sufferers who find it difficult lifting a kettle heavy with water, but it also could potentially serve a greener purpose by cutting down on the number of things a person owns. On the flip side, unless it's build extraordinarily durable, it could mean just another piece of e-waste. Click through to check out a video tour of the Kug and weigh in on whether you think the design is a hit or a miss.

It's a bit of a stretch (ok, more than a bit), but we might also say that this could lower our water footprint in a very tiny way. How often do you throw out a not insignificant portion of your beverage because it's gotten too cold. You could reheat your drink right in the Kug without needing to be anywhere near a microwave. I for one don't have a microwave and am guilty of always tossing tea into my houseplants because it got cold long before I had a chance to finish more story at

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